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2014-06-23 00:42:03

To access the Arena system in Xeno Quest, players must reach a certain level and complete the main quest “Cavalier Arena”.

Xeno Quest- a turn-based close-combat tactics game

Once the Arena system is unlocked, players can click on the option “Arena” at the lower right side to enter its interface. There players can find the battle log on the bottom left. The power and hero rankings are at the top left. Battle log includes winning and losing logs. Power ranking consists of combat power and win streak. Hero ranking allows players to view all players’ ranks in the server.

The right side of the interface is what we focus on. From here, players can view 5 players who rank higher than themselves and choose to fight them. Players are given 15 chances to join the Arena battle every day and are awarded Gold after winning the challenge.

The Arena system will count up based on players’ ranks and send Gold and Training Pills for training. Moreover, the champion of the Arena will have a statue representing them. If s/he is defeated, the statue with change to the new victor.


Xeno Quest- a U3D engine based MMORP

Xeno Quest-fully 3D mobile gameplay experience

Xeno Quest-use your power to change the fate of the world

Xeno Quest-thrilling quest lines and frentic PVE

Xeno Quest- endless explor of exotic world
Xeno Quest- Looking forward to you to do be the savior
Xeno Quest- Enter the unknown and wizarding magic world
Xeno Quest- Take up arms and defend KRYSTAL
Xeno Quest- a turn-based close-combat tactics game
Xeno Quest- a real-time siege modes and raids game
Xeno Quest- a mutile platform mobile game
Xeno Quest- conquer the continent to be the strongest winner
Xeno Quest- collaboration to obtain the final victory
Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world
Xeno Quest- a final fantasy style game