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Historical Background

2014-06-23 22:17:13

Each world is connected to all other worlds. Even if the Soulnagas are billions of light years away from us, we still can feel their presence in our world. Though we have little knowledge of this race, our intuition tells us this race would bring disaster to our land. 

The Prophet told me that when the Fate Wheel appears, the throne of the continent will be revived. When will we gain our freedom from the evil race’s control? When will we bring our land back to creation? I have been traveling alone for years to find the one who possesses the Fate Wheel. Until now, I only know that he is not the Lofty Duke or the White Knight or the Prodigal.

The chosen one, where are you now? Will you come?

--- Penance Diary - 9 years after the tower was destroyed 

The Rise of the Soulnaga

Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world

The Soulnaga had witnessed the rise and decline of the galaxy. As the first race that had developed into an advanced civilization, the Soulnaga were proud and arrogant. They had never stopped researching new technologies and civilizations. Even the oldest Soulnagaian elder couldn’t remember when his race found the existence of Gaea which was the culprit that could stop the evolution of the Soulnaga.

Depending on their highly developed science and technology, the Soulnaga regarded themselves as “The Soul of Universe“. The Soulnaga had never thought that Gaea’s spirit would be a big threat to their race.  Soon, they figured out a way to get rid of the constraint brought by Gaea’s spirit. At that time, the civilianization of Soulnaga had been developed to its peak. Their desire for power and new technology was not satisfied yet. To keep evolving and developing, they decided to break this universe and create a new one. However, they could not  break the endless circle of nature. The only way to break it was to gather the high-density Gaea’s spirits and destroy them. The power released by the destruction of Gaea’s spirit could open a hole in the universe. The Soulnaga named this plan as “Chaos Plan”, which means all back in chaos.

The Founding of the Revered Tower

Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world

The Soulnaga started to search Gaea’s spirits, and finally found plentiful Gaea’s spirits on the other side of the galaxy's spiral arms --- Crist Planet, and that is where our story starts. This is a planet covered by oceans, forests and countless species. Humans are the best creatures among them. Under Gaea’s spirit, humans have developed a high adaptability and several hunting tribes that were linked with each other. Because of Gaea’s spirit, the Soulnaga could not arrive in Crist Continent. They barely sent a quantum detector, “Oracle” to Crist Continent. The day when  “Oracle”arrived in this planet became known as the“Advent of God”.

To finish the collection of Gaea’s spirit as soon as possible,  the detector“Oracle” started the “Human Modification Project”. Humans gained much knowledge from the“Oracle”.  In return, humans built Gaea’s spirit collector, which was also known as the Revered Tower. After the Revered Tower was completed, massive Gaea’s spirits in the world of Crist were gathered in the Gaea Crystal which was placed on the top of the Revered Tower. To ensure the process runs smoothly, they controlled the mind of the strong men in this world with the power of the Revered Tower. These strong men called themselves disciples. Disciples gained strength and power from the tower, helping the Soulnaga to control the world. But, a few strong warriors were not infected by the power of the Revered Tower and united to rebel against Soulnaga’s control. These warriors were called Child of Gaea.

Southern Crusade of the Guardians

Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world

The power used by Soulnaga to control the Reversed Tower became weaker after the Celestial Star blocked the connection between the Soulnaga and the Reversed Tower. Gaea launched an attack once he realized it. Then a secret religion started to spread. Sons of Gaea created a Gaea Religion with a slogan, “The empire has to be crushed, it’s time to rise up”. They organized the guardians to head to the Reversed Tower. A fierce fighting between the Soulnaga and the guardians began.

Explosion of the Revered Tower

Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world

At the same time, the power that used to control the Revered Tower reached the lowest point. Gaea realized that he should cut the connection between the Revered Tower and disciples. Without the power of the Revered Tower, the power of the disciples was decreased greatly. The guardians that were going to be disintegrated rallied again. These two parties had come to a deadlock.

Finally, disciples and the guardians agreed on a truce. They decided to go to the Reversed Tower together. Under the attack of their alliance, Soulnaga had to use the final skill-Transit. The Gaea Crystal on top of the tower gave out a great shielding power and wrapped the Reversed Tower inside. Before long, the Reversed Tower rose up slowly from the land and flew to a gravitationally neutral spot between the Crist Continent and the sun. According to the plan, the Reversed Tower would stay at the neutral spot to cover the sunlight. Then the world would stay in darkness forever.

The alliance could do nothing but stare at the flying Reversed Tower . What they could do was waiting for the darkness. When all people thought the end of the world was going to come, the Reversed Tower in the sky exploded all of a sudden. People standing on the ground saw a blinding flash, which spread quickly once it touched the tower’s top. With this great explosive power, the Reversed Tower split to different sizes of islands floating in the sky. The source of explosion --Gaea Crystal was split into 5 shards, casting to 5 different places.

Warfare between Five Countries

Leaders of the alliance had been waiting for a chance when they saw the Gaea Crystal falling down from the sky. They knew what it meant to possess the Gaea Crystal. They just dispersed to look for the missing crystal debris respectively.

Before long, 5 of the biggest crystals were found one near the other. With the help of those crystals, five countries were established in succession. Since the Revered Tower was exploded, the Crist civilization was fading away. People gave up on their goals and hopes. The world was trapped into greedy and destructive chaos. No one knows whether the Soulnaga abandoned their continent or they were just hiding in some place secret.

Birth of a Hero

Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world

“My son, since the day you were born, all living creatures living in this continent have been crooning your name. My son, I am so proud that you are growing up day by day and you will be the embodiment of Gaea. Please don’t forget that only wisdom and power can bring peace to this continent. I do believe you will use your powerful energy with discretion. The real victory is to encourage the souls of living creatures. One day, I will return back to this world, and you should be the king! ”

You, an ingenuous youth, step on a historical stage under the guidance of the hands of fate. You are destined to end this dark world and bring a peaceful world.


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