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Xeno Quest Android Alpha Test Events

2014-06-30 01:16:50

This series of events are only for Android users. If you are an iOS user, please keep an eye on the latest information on our Facebook page.


I. Follow Us on Facebook to get a Test Gift Pack

Event details:

1. From now on, we will disclose the gift code of the Test Gift Pack on our Facebook page. For more details, please follow us on our official Facebook page.

2. How to use the code: Enter Xeno Quest→Settings→Gifts→Enter the gift code

3. Facebook Link:

4. The code can be used for once only. It is only valid in this alpha test.

Pack contains:

Crystal*100, Gold*1,000,000, Stardust*5000, Call-Up*1000


II. Join the alpha Test to receive a Limited Assistant Firecrush

Firecrush is a mythical beast in the legend who likes to punish the evil and praise the good. It is as big as an ox and feeds on the souls of evil.  With strong sense of smell it can easily perceive the evil’s breath from a distance. All adventurers wish to have this powerful beast as their assistant. There is one way to get it now! Join our alpha test to get Firecrush! This assistant will also be available in the final version on GOOGLEPLAY.

Note: Firecrush is a rare assistant. You might be not able to get it again after this event. Don't miss it!

Event details:

1. From now on, we will announce the gift code for Firecrush in the world chat time to time. Players can copy the code and use it to redeem Firecrush in the game.

2.This gift code of is also effective in the coming GOOGLEPLAY version,

3.In the GOOGLEPLAY version, the gift code for Firecrush must be used within 10 days after the version is released, or it will expire.


III. Submit Bugs to Get Rewards

Event details:

1. During the alpha test, players can report bugs to us on our official forum or Facebook. We will reward those who have reported important bugs with crystals in the final version after the alpha test is over.

2. How to report BUG:

On Forum:

On Facebook:

When you submit a bug, please include a bug description and a screenshot. Also with your email address, server and ID info for reward sending.

3. If a similar bug is reported by multiple players, then the player who first reports it will get the reward. The more bugs you report, the more reward you get.

4. Crystal rewards will be sent according to the severity of the bug you submitted. The reward is divided into 500 crystals, 200 crystals 100 crystals and so on.

Reward sending:

The winners list will be announced on our official forum before the release of the GOOGLEPLAY version. Reward will be sent in the form of a code via email. Each code can be used only once.


IV. Giveback Test! Double Top-up Brings Double Rebates Home!

In order to present players with a real experience during the alpha test, we will open the top-up feature. The number of Crystals received by topping up will earn double rebates in the later GOOGLEPLAY version.

Notes for claiming rebates:

1. Players are required to create characters within 10 days after the first GOOGLEPLAY version server is opened. Each account will receive the rebate only once. Please focus on our facebook page to get the latest information for the online date of GOOGLEPLAY version.

2. Please make sure that you use the same account when playing during the alpha test and when playing the new released version. (Select the proper Ngames account or Facebook account, so that we can send the rewards to you).

3. Rebate Release time: Rewards will be sent to players’ accounts within 5 working days after they create their characters.


V. First Top-up Brings Double Crystals and the Epic Hero Mary!

During the alpha test, top up for the first time will not only receive double crystals but also the Purple Hero Mary. Mary is a talented magician. She is young and beautiful, good at Group Water Magic. She is also a powerful long-distance attacker. Without a doubt, she is a trusted partner.


1. Topping up any amount for the first time will receive double Crystals and the Purple Hero Mary during the alpha test.

2. The number of crystals received by topping up will be counted as the double rebates which will be sent in the GOOGLEPLAY version to be published later.


VI. Log in for 7 days to win Gold Hero Merlin (Gold Merlin’s Summoning)

Merlin is a battle-hardened heroine; she is famous for her powerful Fire Magic. When she casts Fire Magic, enemies are doomed to die.

Now, you can receive certain rewards like Gold, Crystals, Treasure Keys, Holy Water and Soul Spars if you log in every day consecutively. Logging in for 7 days, you can have the super hero Merlin in your hand.


VII. Daily Energy Giveaway


During the alpha test, London GMT+0 12:00-13:00 and 21:00-22:00 every day, you can click corresponding icons to receive 100 points of Energy at the top of the UI. There is no upper limit for Energy point.


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