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2014-06-30 02:54:30

Xeno Quest Alpha Test Special Events----Submit Bugs to Get Rewards

Event details:

1. During the alpha test, players can report bugs to us on our official forum or Facebook. We will reward those who have reported important bugs with crystals in the final version after the alpha test is over.

2. How to report BUG:

On Forum:

On Facebook page:

When you submit a bug, please include a bug description and a screenshot. Also with your email address, server and ID info for reward sending.

3. If a similar bug is reported by multiple players, then the player who first reports it will get the reward. The more bugs you report, the more reward you get.

4. Crystal rewards will be sent according to the severity of the bug you submitted. The reward is divided into 500 crystals, 200 crystals 100 crystals and so on.

Reward sending:

The winners list will be announced on our official forum and on our Facebook page before the release of the GOOGLEPLAY version. Reward will be sent in the form of a code via email. Each code can be used only once.

Xeno Quest- a final fantasy style game


Xeno Quest- a U3D engine based MMORP

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Xeno Quest- a final fantasy style game