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New MMORPG In Unity Engine

2014-06-04 04:45:27

Scheduled to launch this Summer, Xeno Quest casts players as the heroes of a grand fantasy world where magic and technology dominate and balance must be maintained.


The lands of Xeno Quest are brought to life by the powerful Unity 3D Engine, combining fine artwork with advanced technology to create a fluid, fully 3D mobile gameplay experience. Players will develop powerful Knights to utilize in turn-based combat, forge unique equipment, collect vast bounties of treasure and team up with friends on special daily quests - or fight them for glory! Who will become the 'Son of Destiny' and use their power to change the fate of the world?

Xeno Quest-thrilling quest lines and frentic PVE

Xeno Quest heroes come in three unique flavours: Knight, Mage, and Hunter. The fearless Knights are great defenders of the realm; the Mages are powerful sorcerers and healers; and the Hunters are capable of crushing anything in their path. Players level up their equipment alongside their characters in Xeno Quest, improving their weapon's unique abilities through a wide variety of synthesis options.


The vast world of Xeno Quest takes advantage of NGames' innovative 'semi-open multiplayer link gameplay' system, allowing for smooth gameplay progression and real-time MMO action.


This means players can unleash their heroes and weapons across a variety of tactical PVE and PVP battle modes just like a full MMO, from attacking an enemy stronghold's weak link in real-time during siege modes and raids, to utilizing turn-based tactics in close combat situations.

Xeno Quest-thrilling quest lines and frentic PVE


Xeno Quest is a brand new 3D turn-based RPG MMO coming soon to Android and iOS devices.


Publisher NGames will be releasing further information, including a look at some of the games unique features, in the coming weeks.


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Xeno Quest- a U3D engine based MMORP

Xeno Quest-fully 3D mobile gameplay experience

Xeno Quest-use your power to change the fate of the world

Xeno Quest-thrilling quest lines and frentic PVE

Xeno Quest- endless explor of exotic world
Xeno Quest- Looking forward to you to do be the savior
Xeno Quest- Enter the unknown and wizarding magic world
Xeno Quest- Take up arms and defend KRYSTAL
Xeno Quest- a turn-based close-combat tactics game
Xeno Quest- a real-time siege modes and raids game
Xeno Quest- a mutile platform mobile game
Xeno Quest- conquer the continent to be the strongest winner
Xeno Quest- collaboration to obtain the final victory
Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world
Xeno Quest- a final fantasy style game