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Alpha Test Coming Soon

2014-06-19 04:09:56

We now announce excitedly that the English version of Xeno Quest will start an Alpha Test soon on Android. To celebrate the Alpha Test, all players who join in the alpha test will receive a variety of gifts, including FIRECRUSH, a very rare and powerful assistant! You will get Firecrush at the time when you login the alpha test, as well as when you use the same account(both Ngames and Facebook accounts are supported) to login the Google Play version after the test is over, The FIRECRUSH is exclusive for only the alpha testers! DON'T MISS IT! Furthermore, we will launch various Alpha Test Special Events for your participation. For instance, players will receive extra rewards when you make in-game purchase. For more information, please follow our facebook page to get newest updates about the alpha test events. We will post a specific introduction of Alpha Test Special Events. The Alpha Test will last for two weeks, and now is the time to get involved.

Demon Crusade, Arena, Union Battle, Predatory War, Boss Fight , Everything in the Demon Crusade!



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