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iOS Version Arrived

2014-08-01 00:58:41

Dear Warriors


Since quite a few iOS users are longing for battle, we decided to open the gate for iOS ahead of schedule! Warriors of KRYSTAL! Fight for glory NOW!


Please go to:

Or search Xeno Quest in App Store to download&play for free!


For Android:

For iOS:

Official Website:


Xeno Quest- a final fantasy style game


Xeno Quest- a U3D engine based MMORP

Xeno Quest-fully 3D mobile gameplay experience

Xeno Quest-use your power to change the fate of the world

Xeno Quest-thrilling quest lines and frentic PVE

Xeno Quest- endless explor of exotic world
Xeno Quest- Looking forward to you to do be the savior
Xeno Quest- Enter the unknown and wizarding magic world
Xeno Quest- Take up arms and defend KRYSTAL
Xeno Quest- a turn-based close-combat tactics game
Xeno Quest- a real-time siege modes and raids game
Xeno Quest- a mutile platform mobile game
Xeno Quest- conquer the continent to be the strongest winner
Xeno Quest- collaboration to obtain the final victory
Xeno Quest- beat Soulnaga to save the world
Xeno Quest- a final fantasy style game